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Shelter in the Outback - New on

News - 2011. 11. 05. 13:48

The film looks at the inspiration, design and construction of an unique and totally sustainable shelter. A beautiful combination where the raw natural materials and elements have created a stylish elegant structure of sophisticated solitude.
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Spectacular Vernacular: contemporary applications of craft-based building methods

News - 2011. 11. 05. 13:46

There was a time when context was everything in construction. Local materials were transformed by the ambition and skill of the builder into a functional, stylistically appropriate structure. In the face of an, at times seemingly inexorable, movement towards a homogenous, global design language in architecture, a number of architects have recently completed projects that embrace low-tech, craft-based building methods to add real environmental and cultural value.

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Sustainable Architecture - News of the week from 4 countries and 3 Continents

News - 2011. 10. 22. 12:57

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UIA2011 TOKYO Official Newsletter Vol. 016/ 2011.10.04

News - 2011. 10. 10. 09:18

UIA2011 TOKYO Official Newsletter (International version) Vol. 016/ 2011.10.04 ==============================================

UIA2011 TOKYO (The 24th World Congress of Architecture)
Dates: Sunday, September 25 - Saturday, October 1, 2011

- Beyond Disasters, through Solidarity, towards Sustainability -

Main Theme: DESIGN 2050
Sub-Themes: Environment, Culture and Life

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Latin American Holcim Awards winners 2011 named

News - 2011. 10. 10. 09:11

The Holcim Awards Gold 2011 for Latin America and USD 100,000 was awarded to a team led by Alfredo Brillembourg of Urban Think Tank for a multifunctional public building in a favela of São Paulo, Brazil. The structure prevents further erosion and dangerous mudslides and provides social infrastructure to a community that is effectively separated from the formal city.

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2 Interesting Homepages and Initiatives

News - 2011. 10. 04. 11:50

See 2 interesting homepages on the web:
1. An online-award for innovative visionary developments with regard to a building skin, which might have an impact on: energy efficiency,indoor environmental quality,outdoor environmental quality and/or embedded energy / resources required for construction intiated by Transsolar and AEDES Network campus Berlin:

2. A wiki about ecological and sustainable initiatives and projects around the globe:

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Project from the Americas

News - 2011. 10. 01. 16:15

Have a look at a selction of our projects from the Americas:

Kanda -


Brasil -

Chile -

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Projects and films of our Cooperation Partner VELUX

News - 2011. 09. 29. 04:06

See projects and films about model home 2020 projects initiated by our cooperation partner VELUX:

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3rd and last day of the UIA Congress in Tokyo

News - 2011. 09. 28. 17:53

3rd and last day of the UIA Congress in Tokyo - we have had a discussion about the future of the UIA SbD-Strategy and a lecture about daylight simulation tools as part of the building design process.
More than 5000 architects visited the congress and on the Closing Ceremony tonight the UIA Tokyo declaration was presented to and signed by the particpants. We will meet again 2014 in Durban.... Have a look at the films and projects on the SbD2050-webside from our lecturers:

Carin Smuts:

Peter Janesch:

Manfred Hegger: http://

Wang Shu:

Elias Cattan:

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2nd day of the UIA Tokyo 2011 World Congress

News - 2011. 09. 27. 18:09

‎Lectures from Manfred Hegger, Elias Cattan and Per Arnold Andersen - SbD-Main Session and round table with Wang Shu, Carin Smuts, Peter Janesch, Manfred Hegger and Elias Cattan - UIA Gold Medal 2011 for Alvaro Siza Viera - tommorrow more lectures and discussions to come....

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